NIOd The NewI\O Daemon


The NewI\O daemon NIOd is designed to run under the Unix inetd daemon. I presume would take some work to run as a W32 service.


NIOd is released under the GPL (GNU Genreal Public License).

Running a NewI\O Server

To run NewI\O server you need to run the nio daemon NIOd.

You can download the NIOd source code here:

You will need to gunzip the file, and then tar xvf to extract the tar file.

It needs to run under inetd. I use this xinetd configuration file:

service nio
        socket_type     = stream
        wait            = no
        user            = nio
        server          = /home/nio/niod/niod
        disable         = no

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Updated: 02/03/06 ccn